It’s a common misconception:

“Once I (fill in the blank with a thing that’s been difficult for you to do), I will feel good about myself.”

Like… “Once I start running 5 times a week, I’ll feel so much better about myself.”

Or… “After I declutter my house, I won’t feel as lazy.”

Or even… “Once I make six figures, I’ll feel so much more worthwhile.”

We depend on a RESULT to make us FEEL a certain way about ourselves.

Maybe that works for some people. For most of us, it does not.

If I waited until I could run a 10k, have a pristine house, or make multiple six figures to have high self-worth, it would probably take a long, long time.

Desired results come easier when we decide on our value as a human beforehand. 

What if you believed you were an amazing person with infinite value FIRST?  Independent of whether or not you run, declutter, or make bank?

That totally separates your estimation of yourself from any results you create in your life. 

Freeing, right? 

But also empowering.  

Because the woman who believes she is capable, smart, motivated, and valuable-just-because-she exists can’t NOT create amazing things in her life.  

She accomplishes her goals because she loves and cherishes herself, NOT because she WANTS TO..


Big difference. 

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