Full disclosure: I’ve had a rough month.  

Grief. Heartache. Loss. Anger. Frustration. Discouragement.

I don’t like even typing those words, as that takes me back to where I was several weeks ago… not wanting to feel the feelings, wanting my circumstances to be different.  In short, resisting the emotions because they freaking HURT. I wanted to change my circumstances to bring my emotional world back into balance.

Honestly, I wasn’t my own best client. I did all the things I advise my clients NOT to do.

I resisted and blamed and protested.

Are you Floating or Thrashing?

I was swimming in a pool of my own negativity and resistance. I wasn’t willing to accept the guidance from my higher self that the way out of that pool was first to stop thrashing. It reminds me of how little children are taught to float on their backs as a first step toward becoming comfortable in water. If they feel uncomfortable or need a break, they can flip onto their backs and just float.  

Finally, I gave in and floated.

And, man, it was difficult. It did not feel good. I had to tune in to my body and notice what the sensation was and become intimately familiar with it.  

A black, slimy pit in my gut. Pulsating with dull pain as I paid attention to it.  I stayed with it. I just looked at it, floated with it, breathed into it. The intention was not to change or resist. 

As I practiced floating, I noticed that I was actually moving along the length of the pool. The ladder is in sight now.

The only way out is THROUGH, friends.   

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