Recently a client told me that she is the first person in her family to work on becoming a better version of herself. She said that this will break generational cycles and empower her kids to do the same.

This almost brought me to tears. What she said is a big reason why I do the work I do.

So often, patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating are passed on through generations. Sometimes the patterns are helpful in certain individuals and their children, but sometimes they are not. For instance, maybe your family has always believed that making money is a struggle. Or that it’s not safe to take risks.

When we are fully submerged in our families and their histories, we accept their ways of being as the truth. It’s like being a fish in a fishbowl and not even knowing that there are other fishbowls in the world that might be a more fitting environment for the fish.

I see this all the time, not just clients, but with family, friends, and myself.

Therapy Bestows the Power to Choose

Awareness is key. Exploring the family mindsets that have been passed down for decades and maybe even hundreds of years gives you the power to choose whether or not you want to adopt them.

Maybe it’s time for a change.

In so doing, you’re teaching your kids to be critical thinkers and to make autonomous decisions not solely based on family programming.

This work is so, so powerful.

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