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You call the Psychiatrist’s office, and the Humiliation begins

The front desk hits you with the usual screening questions:

“What do you need to be seen for?”
“What kind of health insurance do you have?”

You DON’T KNOW what you need to be seen for. You just know that you can’t sleep and have a weight on your chest that won’t go away.

When you go in for your appointment, it’s more of the same

You’re directed to a bland waiting room with 30 other people nervously eyeing each other.

Then you’re paired with a provider who is not even a doctor to go over all the checklists and fit your symptoms into neat little boxes that either produce a “diagnosis” or don’t.

Be careful not to take more than 30 minutes though, because there is another patient waiting.

A prescription is handed over because, well, that’s what is supposed to happen, right? Come back in a month. Buh-bye.

What if there was a different way?

Making the first call to a psychiatrist is a huge act of courage. Imagine having your call returned by the doctor him- or herself.

Imagine how it would feel for the doctor to inquire about what’s going on in your life (not what kind of health insurance you have). Imagine a private, small office with seating for eight or less.

Imagine spending almost an hour and a half with a real psychiatrist who takes you seriously and seems concerned with more than just making your symptoms go away. This psychiatrist actually wants to get to know you.

If you know you’re ready for SOMETHING DIFFERENT, then give ME a call.

I’m a board-certified psychiatrist who believes in taking psychiatry back to its roots.

Real relationships. REAL CHANGE.

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